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  • Insurance automation platform that auto-adjudicates claims, enables straight through processing of new business applications and deals with any data formats - including handwriting
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Why Us

Friendly is the only solution in the market that provides end-to-end automation for the insurance sector. Our deep learning platform can digitize data and perform analysis on it such as auto-adjudication, summarization of lengthy medical documents, transforming diverse sets of PDF data into one structured set and much more 

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Work Smarter, Not Harder

Friendly wants to make your life easier and more productive. No one likes manually entering data from hand written forms. And no one should have to with today's available technologies. Let Friendly do the work. You just approve the results.

Our Advantage

There are many solutions in the market - yet, most top insurers have selected Friendly as their preferred vendor for automation. Here is why.

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Deep learning platform that works while you rest

Friendly AI is a new generation approach to insurance automation. Friendly bots digitize all insurance paperwork - even handwritten notes - with over 95% accuracy and provide auto-adjudication services such as automatic coverage, benefit eligibility check and much more

The most accurate and cost effective solution in the market

Friendly is proud to be lean and efficient, with supreme technology and no overhead. That's how we are not only the most accurate solution for Life, Disability, Voluntary Benefits, reinsurance, medical data analysis and annuities - but also the best priced one.

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Our Products

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Retirement Income

Enable straight through processing for a variety of annuity products and perform automated suitability review analysis


Insurance companies use Friendly to automate underwriting for group disability and voluntary benefits products.  Friendly is also your top partner for transferring scanned claims into digital and analyzable format.


We enable Healthcare Systems to find trends and opportunities in their unstructured data such as physician notes, discharge summaries and claims. Anything from prescription trend analysis to fraud detection is possible with Friendly neural nets.

Our Services

There is no button to press

Friendly seamlessly integrates into your existing workflow and does not require any modifications to the existing technology stack

Security is Job #1

We know how important security is when it comes to personally identifiable information. Friendly partners up with top notch security IT firms to ensure that our solution is bullet proof

Well documented API provides a variety of integrations

Our well documented API and excellent technical support makes any integration possible. You can also choose from a variety of pre-built integrations

Deploy in the cloud or on premise

Friendly is the only solution in the market that supports on premise deployments as well as all major cloud providers. Friendly cloud deployments can be done on your own cloud infrastructure or can be provided as "fully managed" platform

Professional Services and Consulting

Friendly team is comprised of experienced data scientists, software engineers and customer success professionals. If you have unique needs that out-of-the-box products can't address, talk to us. Our professional services engagements will help you define your automation strategy.

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